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Review and Testing the Gypsy from SEDA

"Review and Testing" report reprinted with permission from the Fall 1994 issue of SEA KAYAKER magazine:

"The GYPSY'S nice lines impressed all the reviewers. The paddlers considered the cockpit roomy and easy to enter and exit. The padded knee and thigh braces provide a secure fit. The GYPSY'S seat was judged very comfortable. All the paddlers liked that the adjustable, padded back band allowed them to stretch onto the back deck.

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Ocean Kayak Models

All Ocean Kayak models exhibit the unique Ocean Kayak open top cockpit design allowing the paddler to enter and exit easily from the shore, dock or water. Each Ocean Kayak comes with "scupper" holes which make the boat self-bailing, molded in graphics, and a one year warranty against defects. Ocean Kayaks are also available in eye-catching colors.

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The REVENGE by SEDA Kayaks

Recognizing the publics’ interest and the advantages of sit-on-top kayaks SEDA took a somewhat different approach. SEDA believed that paddlers who feel confined or insecure in traditional touring kayak cockpits as well as those that may venture out in exposed coastal areas, divers, fishermen and others, would appreciate the benefits of a sit-on-top combined with the superior efficiency of composite construction in a touring hull.

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The GLIDER by SEDA Kayaks

SEDA named this boat GLIDER buy maybe they should have just named it CHAMPION. The GLIDER has won almost every major paddling race that it has been paddled in.

Chicago to New York - 1,500 miles, 37 day race. First sea kayak to finish. San Diego Bay to Bay: 20 miles - Has won every race since its introduction and the GLIDER still holds the course record. Long Beach Regatta - 10 miles. San Francisco - 15 mile Alcatraz Island race. Great Cross Puget Sound Race – Seattle.

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The IMPULSE by SEDA Kayaks

SEDA had multiple requests for an 18-foot long high-performance touring kayak. Their famous GLIDER, the winner of so many long distance sea races was a bit too long for the general public. Experienced recreational paddlers wanted a slightly shorter, lighter boat for ease of transport and to be more maneuverable on the water, and that is what SEDA created.

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