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 Sea Kayak Skills and Techniques, Show Me How Videos
Sea Kayak Skills and Techniques Paddling Strokes and Basic Rescues.
Own the complete set of 2009/2010 official national park guides for less than $1 each! The guides are 64-88 pages and each are beautifully illustrated and expertly written, covering everything you necessity to make your next outdoor adventure unforgettable. They are only available hereotherwise you'll have to stop at all...
The beat of Brazil will hypnotise you: music-fuelled cities, lazy islands, jewel-box colonial towns and blooming ecosystems. Float on the rhythm of the famed Amazon, get scratchy with the DJs of So Paulo and get your samba on at Carnaval.
Your first polar bear...whales out the window of your Newfoundland B&B...the Northern Lights...Canada delivers on the outdoor spectaculars, then follows it up with cities full of jazz, art and round-the-world cuisine.
Sun, surf, rum, reggae...yes, the Caribbean clichs are all true - and who are we to argue? We like a beachside mojito as A lot as the next traveller.
Central America is a slinky, seven-country combo that really knows how to pack a punch. It's a thrill ride from end to end, zipping across Mayan history, ancient Destroys, wildlife and gurgling volcanoes. Discover the region's best beaches, jungles, mountaintops, bars and cantinas, and get your kicks without breaking the...
Borat may not have been the most savoury of ambassadors, but at least he shone a light on Central Asia. With a history starring Alexander the Great, a landscape Offering snowcapped mountains in Tajikistan, and semi-nomadic Kyrgyz herders to hang out with, why wouldn't you go?
Chile spans a kaleidoscope of photo-ready landscapes and handsome cities soaked in Latin culture. Lonely Planet's latest guidebook takes you up Andean peaks, along the streets of poets and around those perplexing, tiki-tastic Easter Island sculptures.
China is changing at the speed of light - and now, in this cusp between centuries of tradition and almost time-lapse development, is the time to see it.
Are you an architecture buff? An outdoors freak? This clutch of Baltic up-and-comers has got it all.
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