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Kayak Safety
Begining Kayaking

Be prepared for anything that you can think of that might create a problem for you. Carry a loud whistle, basic first aid kit, a VHF radio or a cell phone is also a good idea if you are paddling within range of a signal. A brightly colored paddle will not only help other boaters to see you; you can use it to attract attention if needed. Smoke signals, flares, dye marker, a flag tied to your paddle or a long wide strip of orange ribbon can also help rescuers locate you. You might consider carrying an emergency blanket, dry clothing, waterproof matches, and extra water. If you encounter rocks, surf, caves or heavy brush, wear a helmet. I cut charts in to 8 ½ X 11" sections and have them laminated so they are waterproof. Some people use clear plastic chart cases but I've heard some of them gripe about soggy charts.

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Kayaking Fun for Kids
Begining Kayaking

My wife Nancy and I had taken our 7 year old daughter, Haley for a few rides in a double kayak and decided that we preferred to have her in her own kayak, we tow her when she asks and release her to do her own paddling when she will.

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Kayaking Kids
Begining Kayaking

Last year, over Fathers Day weekend, we towed a trailer with six kayaks and a canoe to McCloud Reservoir near Mt. Shasta, where my father lives part of the time. The idea had been to give 11 of my nieces and nephews (ages 5 to 20) and their parents the opportunity to try their hand at paddling. When it came time to go, I had serious reservations. Would someone get hurt? Would the kids fight over the boats? I was more than a little concerned about the possibility of being left with a mess to clean, pack and repair.

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Choosing a Kayaking Paddle
Begining Kayaking

This section is aimed at newer paddlers who might not know what to even start looking for in a paddle; much less what might make the best paddle for them. It is possible that some more experienced paddlers might even glean a useful tidbit or two here, also.

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Paddle Specifications
Kayaking Equipment

Here is a very large list of paddles and the specifications on them.  The best kayaking is done with a paddle that fits you like a glove.  Look at the different types and what they are made of.

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