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Choosing a Kayaking Paddel


This section is aimed at newer paddlers who might not know what to even start looking for in a paddle; much less what might make the best paddle for them. It is possible that some more experienced paddlers might even glean a useful tidbit or two here, also.

California Coast Kayaking Map

Places to kayak and go abalone diving from Elk to Westport with plenty of launch sites for kayaking up and down the California coast line.

Fishing From Your Kayak

Although it sometimes seems like a new idea, many of the earliest kayaks were used primarily as hunting and fishing craft. Fishing is actually the reason I started kayaking in the first place.

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Kayaking Gear & Kayak Reviews

For Kayaking Beginers to Experts

Welcome to your leading resource for kayaking information. We offer a wide range of resources for the kayaking community offering reviews on kayaks and kayaking gear, along with reviews on kayaking locations across the world. In addition to this we offer a vast amount of how to resources on kayaking for beginers to experts. So if your just learn the kayaking basics, or if you are a professional kayaker and want to just read up on the latest kayaking equipment we are here to help.

We also offer interviews and tips from some of the leading kayakers in the world. We provide a wealth of knowledge on kayak fishing, ocean kayaking, whitewater kayaking.

If you are interested in writing for us and contributing to the site please get in touch with us, and everyone is invited to help add new kayaking locations they discover and rate kayaks and kayaking products they use.